Lam Ching Ying
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27th December 1952
Born in Hong Kong.

He attended the Hong Kong's Shun Yi Association Elementary School.

He was sent by his father to Chun Chau Drama Society to learn the Peking Opera style from Madame Fan Fok Fa.

Working for the Shaw Brothers Studios as a stuntman and action choreographer.


Working for Golden Harvest Studios as an action choreographer and stuntman. Became Siu Lung's (Bruce Lee's) personal assistant until Bruce's death.


Working for Golden Harvest Studios, occasionally for Show Brothers Studios. Became part of Hung Gar Ban, Sammo Hung's famous stunt team. Eventually was Sammo's right-hand man of his stunt group. As a talented actor many many famous films, choreographies, nominations for best action and two awards in this time.

Married Cheng Bing Bing.
His daughter was born.

His son was born.
He devorced his wife. Awarded the custody of his children, he moved with them back to his parents.


Due to the decay in the Hong Kong film-industry and his Sifu Sammo's decision to take a break, he accepted roles in low-budget films, had quieter success in average movies.


His peak. Real popularity was brought along for him by the TV Series Vampire Expert I, which earned him rave reviews.


Made the sequel, Vampire Expert II. Meanwhile his health condition started to worsen. In September he was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer.


Working already in pain he made two more successful TV Series. 
In the summer before starting shooting Vampire Expert III he decided to rest at home and quietly has started having a herbal medical treatment. He forbid his close family to reveal his illness.

September 1997

He left his residence in Tai Po, without a word, knowing that he will never ever be coming back. Moved to his sister's house to spend his final weeks there, under her care.

Beginning of November 1997

He lost his consciousness over an over again and at the beginning of November his family moved him to the St.Teresa Hospital in Kowloon. He was already in half-coma, and his situation gradually declined.

8th November 1997

Saturday evening, a month before his 45th birthday he quietly passed away.

11th November 1997

His request was to have a low-profile funeral, so his family was not allowed to publicize his death immediatelly. They had to wait for three days before announcing the sad news.

13th November 1997

His Buddhist funeral ceremony was held in Hong Kong.

Middle of November 1997

At his request after the funeral his remains were cremated and buried in the U.S. with a calligraphy from Chua Lam:

"One Smile Returns To The West"

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