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amanda_wang86@yahoo.---com / Amanda Wang (Fan)
I loved to watch all his vampires show... It is uncomparable to the other vampires show... Sifu Lam acting once reali made me think that he is a real taoist priest. This means that his acting is marvellous. I'm also trying to collect all his vampires movies... Hope he'll rest in peace and reincarnate to a good family in his next life.
Lam Ching Ying with us still  / John Vennard
Lam Ching Ying
The man The Actor The Buddhist
A good man and a true spirit
Dear Teacher  / Chu Xuan Wen (Forever student )
Dear Teacher Lam Ching Ying,

I met him on the tv for about 1990s. I saw his performance at Vampire 's movie. I was impressed by his performance as a Dao She(Taoist Priest).
until now I am a real Taoist Priest(Dao She) . It become reality because of him.
Xie Xie Lam Lao She
Xie Xie Lam Dao She
R.I.P / Prabs (a fan of martial arts movies-9th November 2006 )

In the world of hk cinema his movies will be watched by generations to come , im a prime example .From just wacthing average kung fu dvds , i explored more into the genre and discovered talents like sifu lam and sammo hung on great classics .Such as magnificent butcher , mr vampire , prodigal son . 

lams roles in films like prodgal son were astonishing , his action scenes in movies like magnifient butcher were absolutly awesome [one of my fav fight scenes ever] 

funny enough my favourite action scenes contain two movies with lam ching ying at centre stage . His incredible perfrmance in prodigal son , gave us an example of the talent he possesed . 

his fight scene in magnificent butcher ,  was outstanding , his acting skills just as great on movies like mr vampire .

HK audiance should hail him 

and so should fans of kung fu 

im not suprised that prodigal son is considered a masterpiece by martial arts fans .



We celebrate you... rest in peace.  / Russell Garbutt (Just a Fan-9th November 2006 )

Thank you for the thrills and joy you've brought to the world.  Your life & work will be remembered eternally.

Tribute to Lam Ching Ying  / Jo Gale (4th November 2006 )
I was in the process of ‘rediscovering’ Lam Ching Ying when I learned of his passing, and it left me with an overwhelming feeling of emptiness and helplessness. I had seen ‘Mr Vampire’ for the first time years before and was completely absorbed by it and in particular by the performance of ChingYing. I became an admirer from that point on.

It was just prior to hearing the sad news that I had begun seeking out any Ching Ying movie material available to me.

Needless to say my heart sank.

I have never tired of watching Ching Ying perform. An immensely talented actor, he could turn his hand to any role, even though he is best known as the Eternal Sifu. I have watched his films many times and yet still marvel at those wonderful expressions of his that quite simply take over the moment. Ching Ying didn’t require dialogue; his eyes could do the speaking for him.

He was the consummate professional and a true genius.

In an interview, Sammo Hung had said that there were three key people in his stunt team, three that were most important. They were Jacky Chan, Yuen Biao & Lam Ching Ying. He also went on to tell the story of a feisty young stuntman, who upon meeting Bruce Lee asked the question ‘Are you as powerful as they say you are? I don’t think so. Show me.’ Cushions were placed on the stuntman’s stomach and when Bruce kicked out, the young man was thrown across the room. He picked himself up, went over to Bruce and showed his respect. At that point a friendship was born.

That feisty young stuntman (no surprise) was Lam Ching Ying. As Sammo said, Ching Ying needed to have trust in you for you to gain his respect.

Whilst browsing your website, and having access to those all too rare candid moments of Ching Ying caught on camera, I feel as though I am rediscovering the great man all over again. And, strangely enough that overwhelming feeling appears to be here once more.

Tribute to Lam Ching Ying  / Lily Wang, 3rd October 2006

Lam Ching Ying, a name forever.
Even nowsdays, his movies are still showed on TV.
I was born in 1985 so that I missed many of his works' publish. But TV helped me to get familiar with him from time to time! At least twice a month, there "must" be a movie starred by LCY. When I got chance to see "Vampire VS Vampire", his performance amaized me indeed! Later, I managed to get many of his movies on the Internet. His vampires' ones are always my favorite. However, I have to say, it's not convenient to purchase his movies in China now. And as a university student, it's luxury to get any original copies on eBay. Nevertheless, I'm trying my best and I enjoy collecting movies!
I'm not a good writter for sure, but let my work talks to you how I appreciate his performance.

Tribute to Lam Ching Ying  / Martin Cleary, September 2006

Lam Ching Ying is for me one of the all-time greats. He always managed to bring a depth and humanity to his roles and was a amazing martial artist - who also had a talent for comedy!

Although I love many of his films (especially Mr Vampire!) my all-time favourite martial arts film is Prodigal Son, and that's mainly because Ching-Ying is so great in it giving a performance that is completely compelling and three-dimensional - something so rare in genre films of this kind.

Tribute to Lam Ching Ying  / Jerome, September 2006

I'd say Lam Ching(Jing) Ying was one of the best actors to come out from Hong Kong. His best roles were as Leung Yee Tai and Master Gau and even as a supporting actor on Sammo Hung's and Bruce Lee's films.

Tribute to Lam Ching Ying  / Ian Davies, 2006

One person who has been ever present in many of my favourite movies has been Lam Ching Ying. A versatile actor who could be funny or dramatic, his legacy lies in the quality of his performances. To me his most memorable performances were in "Mr Vampire" and "The Prodigal Son", but I am still finding films that I have not seen that he features in. A great talent, very much missed.

Tribute to Lam Ching Ying  / Kenneth Brorsson, September 2006

It's a funny thing these connection to our idols and stars on the big or small screen. A really funny thing. So many have affected me during my excursion through every corner of Hong Kong cinema. But few have actually captured my heart. Lam Ching Ying is one. Beär with me, this won't be an uncomfortable read...perhaps just an uncontrollable rant of sorts.

I might've seen Spooky Encounters first but it was Magic Cop that jolted me...big time. One of the best spin-off's from the seminal Mr. Vampire, here was evidence of a guy born to be, as he's been dubbed, the Peter Cushing of Hong Kong. It triggers you subconciously that you're watching something wonderful, which is why I kept my gushing a bit short in regards to my initial encounter.

But it had to sink in, I saw it all but still barely anything of the full range Lam Ching Ying possessed. To a certain extent it is enough to experience his typecasting ever since Mr. Vampire as it makes me pretty much the happiest adult boy in the world to watch the stoic Lam enter into ghost- and vampire busting mode as well as being dropped into sitcom situations as that very stoic character. Yes, there was a fine, dry comedian in there too. Along the way, those of us with the guts to dive deeper into the crowded genre world of Hong Kong cinema, we saw evidence of what would've been an ever greater dramatic actor had his years been allowed to roll on. Ringo Lam's unforgiving School On Fire and Alex Law's Painted Faces had supporting acts that very much remains some of the strongest in those films, showing Lam could genre hop in an instant, taking any gig very seriously seemingly.

At any rate, perhaps it would've been enough to state that Lam in some shape or form had an effect on me as a moviefan and viewer. Not to such an extent that myself or any of us went the stalker-route but it's the Lam effect. I cherish it every time and I miss the one responsible for it every time. It IS a funny, strange and emotional thing to me.

Tribute to Lam Ching Ying  / Ra-hul, August 2006
I love Lam Ching Ying and his movies, all so entertaining and engaging, and it was his movies that first turned me onto Hong Kong movies so thank you Lam Ching Ying!
My Tribute to Ching Ying  / Clarissamia

"Destiny has its funny ways. I am a great fan of Sammo Hung and it was through his films that I got to know Lam Ching Ying. At the beginning all I knew about him was that he died. So everytime he appeared in a film, I pointed out to my friend Katalin: "This is Lam Ching Ying, he unfortunately died already."

From this short but very significant knowledge I got very far since. I have seen almost all of his films and know definitely more about his life and art. However, one cannot say one knows everything, as Lam Ching Ying was a very reserved person both on- and offscreen. I don´t do any martial arts, but from Hong Kong films I learnt a lot. I can see the beauty and elegance of his movements, his unbelievable flexibility. He is graceful and very masculine at the same time, as it can be seen in Prodigal Son. He was destined to play Leung Yee Tai and he became one with this role. With his performance Leung Yee Tai was reborn.

Still, for me what became synonymous with Lam Ching Ying is the role of Sifu. Ah Ying was and is really the eternal Sifu, as the person who could take over his place is not yet born and never will be. Despite his young age he possessed so much wisdom and power that he made us believe in him unconditionally. He was a very strong character from the beginning to the end. From the little urchin who often led Madam Fan Fok Fa a dance, to the middle aged man who had to face the biggest battle of his life. And although he could not win over cancer, still in a way he was the stronger. For he kept his countenance and dignity all the way. As a real Sifu should.

"He is Lam Ching Ying, unfortunately he died already." I say this sentence with different feelings now.

He died almost a decade ago, but the work of his life is here to enchant us and to set an example before us. After all, he is our Sifu."

My Message to Sifu Lam  / Katalin

Dearest Lam Sifu!

Being a christian, but getting more and more involved in orientalism through your films, I strongly believe that in one way or another you are able to see this site, which is dedicated to you.

This is my tribute to you as a man and as an artist. I have never seen anyone so gifted not only with unique acting ability, but spiritually as well. You had such wisdom and dignity you preserved in life and in death that it made me reconsider my entire life.

It's nearly ten years you left this world, but your art made you undying. Please accept these pages I create with great respect and all my heart's love. I'll do my best to make this site as complete, orderly and elegant as your personality was in your whole life.

Your intention was to entertain and enchant us with your inimitable style, with your gentle humour and last but not least with your martial arts talent.You never thought about yourself, not even when you should have had to do, you hated attention around you, to burden others with your troubles, you lived your life silently. I feel this is the least I can do to tell how special and unrepeatable you are.

Everybody should have a master to show the right way to go on. You've been sent to me from above. Please, take me as your disciple. I know I have to be patient and persistant to assure you that I take this present seriously.

With your neat calligraphy you carved your look, your face deep into my heart and soul.

God bless you for all those years (oh, how short they were) you shared with us!

Wherever you are, don't forget you are remembered, honoured, adored and painfully missed forever.

Sifu Lam's undying spirit and legacy  / Joshua Tan (Greatest fan )
I was still a small child when sifu left all of us from this world, til this day his acting and personality part have always been my inspiration. He show people that work with him his warm kindness, his attitude and personality for acting always been an example to all younger generation. You're not weak if you have a fragile and small body, your strong spirit and enthusiasm was the real special thing. Thanks sifu for everything that you gave us and for all that long hardwork, may God bless your soul forever and rest in peace. We love you.
You were OUTSTANDING in 'The Prodigal Son'  / Gary Glennell Toms (Fan)

Dear Sifu,

No matter how many times I watch "The Prodigal Son", I'm still mesmerized by your portrayal of Wing Chun master Leung Yee-tai. You ability to switch from female to male was extraordinary, and you were very convincing in your movements. Without question, this film proved you were one of the best actors in Chinese cinema.

"The Prodigal Son" was a groundbreaking film not only because of its Wing Chun choreography and excellent acting, but because it dared to tell the story of someone that people called a "faggot" and "weird". They did it back then, and they're still doing it. People who did this and continue to do it are wrong, and the character of Leung Yee-tai showed why everyone deserves respect.

Sammo Hung, the actors and the production team are to be applauded for being brave enough to present the issue in a film. It helped make Lam Ching-ying a hero of the Chinese people...and "The Prodigal Son" one of the greatest martial arts films of all time. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times......thank you.

May you forever rest in peace.

"The G-Man" (New York City, NY)  
Farewell Sifu Lam  / Wilhelm Bart (Fan)
You are a real inspiration, your films will forever be remembered all across the globe!
The Legend of Lin Zheng Ying  / Richie Liang (Fan)
It has been 14 years since he left us. Luckily there is still lots of his past films to watch when we missed him, which I still does after so many years. To me, he is the best there is, the best there was & the best there will ever be, for the role of Taoist Priest.
A Heartfelt Condolences To A Magical Man/Actor  / Stephanie Pham-Trinh (A Fan )
My heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathy to surviving family members relatives and friends of the late great actor Mr. Lam Ching Ying... a 'magical' humble and charming actor (and man!)

Mr. Lam Ching Ying you will always be remembered and missed...!

Rest in peace.


Stephanie Pham-Trinh
We miss you  / Aurélien Bortoluzzi (Fan)

Rest in peace Lam Ching Ying.

You're still one of the best actors the world have ever seen.

We miss you.

Rest in peace my friend.  

love love

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